The goal of the Elimu na Sanaa is to empower youth on both art and education, by discovering and developing their Art Skills and Educating them on how they can reach far by incorporating both Art and Education, starting an educational program about Art and Education at Shine Africa Community Art Centre Kigamboni Gezaulole. We give education to Artist who luck skills, provide Art to the educated youth, or provide both Art with Education. Subjects to be taught: We hope, through you and us working together will reduce if not eliminate them
all together.


Volunteering at Shine Africa Community Art Centre is a great way to help teach young people valuable life lessons and learn something about yourself in return. we have several Artistic and educational programs that allows everyone to teach and learn from our community .

Sharing your skills to the community can impact our societies and bring changes by saving kids and adults life for the better future as we  understand that giving back to the societies is the way of receiving.


Shine Africa Community Art Centre provide Capacity-building as the process of developing and strengthening the skills, instincts, abilities, processes and resources that organizations and communities need to survive, adapt, and thrive in a fast-changing Community.

An essential ingredient in capacity-building is transformation that is generated and sustained over time from within; transformation of this kind goes beyond performing tasks to changing mindsets and attitudes.

Contact us

Tel +255 713 487 270 

      +255 719 845 805 


P.O.Box 95113,
Gezaulole Kigamboni, 

Dar Es Salaam Tanzania.




AC Name: Shine Africa Community Art

Bank Name: CRDB BANK

Branch Name: AZIKIWE

Ac No: 015C571425400 

Swift Code: CORUTZTZ

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