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Empowerment. Creativity. Justice. Integrity. Collaboration. Cultural Preservation

Our Mission

Shine Africa is a Tanzanian non-governmental organization located in Kigamboni, Dar es Salaam, offering support to children, youth, and neighboring communities through artistic, educational, and social outreach and engagement programs.
Shine Africa is committed to enriching the Tanzanian community by harnessing a blend of traditional and modern art, along with education, as catalysts for talent discovery, skill development, and empowerment.
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Who We Serve

We serve children and adults in Tanzania who face many social problems that may inhibit them from attaining their full potential. Many children suffer from emotional neglect and physical abuse, both at school and at home. Moreover, the unequal access to resources, as well as the lack of a safe space and healthy, dependable relationships can cause children to resort to problematic and harmful coping mechanisms.

Shine Africa harnesses a holistic, encouraging approach to combat social problems in the Kigamboni community through art and education. We strive to offer children and adults a plethora of educational, artistic, and professional opportunities.

What We Do


At Shine, we provide free classes for students to learn English, computer skills, and agriculture. 

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Shine provides free dance, drumming, art, and fitness classes that keeps us active and our culture alive.

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Let Her Shine Club offers a space dedicated to the young girls in our community, serving as a haven where creativity blossoms and entrepreneurial skills take root.
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bECOMING A Creative Professional Camp
A 3 month program for those looking to gain skills in English, professional communication, business etiquette, and entrepreneurship.
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Donate & Make A Difference


Help SHINE a light on education in Tanzania!

Shine Africa is currently a fully self-funded organization, which inhibits how much we are able to provide to our students and our community. Currently, we only have a limited number of resources available for our classes which impacts opportunities for our students. Your donation would go towards getting more resources, supplies, and support for our students, including supporting our fundamental operational needs.



Join us and make Tanzania SHINE together!

At Shine Africa, we are seeking dedicated and passionate volunteers who resonate with our mission and values. We welcome individuals committed to empowering Tanzanian children, youth, and communities through artistic, educational, and social initiatives!

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Visiting Tanzania? Stay At Shine!

Stay at Shine Africa Community Center

We offer affordable stays and cultural tourism at our center. Travelers love to stay at Shine Africa, learn to cook, play our cultural music, visit nearby beautiful sites, and immerse yourself in the amazing culture of Tanzania! We prioritize the safety and comfort of our guests. Rest assured, we will take care of you!

We have 5 star reviews and glowing testimonials. Come stay at Shine for a once in a lifetime experience!

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