Continuing the Collaboration with Victoria Rally to Combat Menstrual Poverty in Tanzania

We are excited to announce that our collaboration with Victoria Rally continues as we work together to combat menstrual poverty in East Africa, specifically in Tanzania. Through this partnership, we remain dedicated to providing ongoing support to women in our community.

The issue of menstrual poverty persists, with many women in East Africa facing challenges accessing affordable and hygienic menstrual products. To address this pressing issue, we are implementing practical solutions such as providing training on sewing reusable sanitary pads. By equipping women with the tools and knowledge they need, we aim not only to improve their health but also to promote dignity and equality.

The importance of this collaboration cannot be overstated. By combining our resources and expertise, Shine Africa and Victoria Rally are making a tangible difference in the lives of women and girls across East Africa. Stay tuned for updates as we continue our mission to empower women and break the barriers of menstrual poverty in Tanzania and beyond.

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