Our Story

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Our Origins

Shine Africa Community Art was started in 2017 as a dance group under the name Shine Dance TZ, before it became an NGO. 

As a dance group of professional drummers and dancers, we focused on promoting traditional dance to the public and performing as a group. However, we noticed greater issues in our community, and saw fellow artists and kids struggle to sharpen their talents and gain professional skills

Founded in 2020

Our founding team decided to work together and build a community  art center is Kigamboni, Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania. 

Shine Africa has changed to become an NGO striving to better the community by creating different activities such as workshops, classes, tours and events. We have since expanded our operations to teach english, computer skills, agriculture, and other practical skills to our students for free. 


The Shine Dream

We also offer classes for adults, including a "Becoming a Creative Professional" Camp. Shine Africa is dedicated to displaying and sharing the beauty of Tanzania through our culture and customs! We have now grown to a team of 17 working to serve our community on a volunteer basis

More than Art

Art is the heart of what we do here at Shine Africa. We see art as not just a way to preserve our culture, but to improve our community through the following skills


Shine Africa fosters entrepreneurial skills in our students, encouraging them to dream big and take agency over their life. By teaching them skills like english, computer, and agriculture, Shine is dedicated to ensuring that their talents are ethically and successfully utilized.

Conservation & Tourism

Shine loves to host people at our center and show them the beauty of Tanzania! Our passion for dance, art, and music is a gateway into seeing the heart of our country. We are always trying to preserve our culture and spread the love to all who come and spend their time with us.

Fighting Against Drugs

In Tanzania, many young people can get caught up in using, selling, or bystanding drug use. This causes terrible results on the youth of Tanzania. By giving young people a safe space to nurture their skills and talents while finding a community keeps kids educated and out of dangerous gangs and cartels.

Meet Our People

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