Becoming a Creative Professional Workshops

At Shine, we not only offer education to children, but also to adults. In line with our commitment to our community, we provide a comprehensive 3-month program for passionate, driven individuals who are looking to take their work to the next level. This camp is designed to foster personal and professional growth, providing participants with the tools needed to excel in their career and contribute meaningfully to the community at large. 

Our Modules

The first module of BCP covers English lessons, with an emphasis on speaking and listening. As our students gain proficiency in spoken English, they will be better equipped to navigate conversations, articulate their thoughts, and confidently present themselves.

The second module of BCP dives into professional excellence. We cover topics like appearance, behavior and communication, ethics, and networking.

  • Participants learn about the impact of personal appearance in a professional setting, dress code etiquette, personal hygiene, and how to build a professional wardrobe on a budget. 

  • Through practical exercises and role-playing, we teach email etiquette, effective verbal and written communication practices, conflict resolution, as well as how to manage stress and maintain a clear mind under pressure. 

  • We discuss ethical principles in professional environments with engaging case studies and discussions. Learn how to handle mistakes, why upholding integrity in decision-making is key to success, and how to implement corporate social responsibility in your work. 

  • Students will discover the art of strategic networking as we help them craft a compelling elevator pitch and walk through the full potential of social media for impactful connections. 

We provide the foundation of business through the third module of BCP. Through interactive workshops, our students explore the world of financial management, learn how to build a business plan, and master concepts in marketing and operations. Shine aims to demystify the term ‘entrepreneurship’, replacing fear with curiosity and fostering a spirit of empowerment. 

Let’s transform the unknown into an exciting journey of discovery and opportunity.

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