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Shine Africa efforts empower kids and adults in Tanzania to be entrepreneurs and use their talents for good. Your donations help fund resources that amplify these efforts, expand our center, and enhance our operations. 

Our efforts and center keep Tanzanian youthout of dangerous street gangs and drug trafficking. We provide a safe community for students to enhance their talents, establish healthy friendships, and gain employable skills.

Shine Africa embraces and promotes the beauty of Tanzanian culture through cultural tourism, dance, music, art, and professional development. Let's make Tanzania SHINE!


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Your donations are tax-deductible in the U.S. due to our Partnership with HCB. Learn more below.

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Your Generosity Directly Funds the Programs that Support Our Kids

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You can also donate directly to our bank in Tanzania using the information below

AC Name: Shine Africa Community Art

Bank Name: CRDB BANK

Branch Name: AZIKIWE

Ac No: 015C571425400 

Swift Code: CORUTZTZ

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