English Classes


English Classes

Our English classes encompass four facets of linguistic proficiency: reading comprehension, writing, listening, and speaking. The full-time staff and volunteers are trained to teach using a specific structure to ensure all students receive the same quality of instruction.

 At Shine, our students learn and improve their English skills through class discussions, presentations, interactive games, and real-life scenarios. The students can later on use these skills to confidently talk about themselves and their art, attract buyers from around the world, and open up exciting opportunities internationally.

Why English?

In Tanzania, English is quickly becoming the language of business, diplomacy, and travel due to globalization.

While Swahili remains the medium of instruction throughout primary education, it switches to English in post-primary education. Hence, learning English has become more vital than ever for young Tanzanians who want to access quality education, connect with a wider audience, and add value to the global economy. 

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