Meet Our Team

Meet the Founders

Pinno Stephen

Chief Executive Officer

Pinno has been with Shine Africa since its start four years ago. Empowered with a love for music, dance, and helping his community, he helped to found Shine Africa, and has been making a difference in his Dar Es Salaam since.

Haidari Chumambili

Arts & Wellness Coordinator

Since Shine Africa's inception, Haidari has been instrumental in shaping our vision for the past four years. With a passion for both the arts and holistic wellness, Haidari's dedication has enriched our community, offering transformative experiences that blend creativity and self-care.

Temela Hassan

Workshop Facilitator

Temela, a dedicated member of our team for four years, is fueled by his passion for crafting and her commitment to preserving Tanzanian cultural traditions. His journey with Shine Africa began with a desire to share her expertise and enthusiasm for Tanzanian culture, enriching the experiences of participants in our workshops.

Asha Musa

Traditional Dance and Fitness Instructor

Asha has led our dance and fitness programs for four years. With a deep love for dance, she merges cultural expression with physical wellness. Asha's expertise has been instrumental in shaping an energizing and enriching experience with participants.

Meet the Management

Rukube Kassanga

Public Relations Director, Education Coordinator

Rukube, serving Shine Africa for three years, is a key member of our team. With a fervent passion for writing, Rukube crafts compelling narratives to promote our mission and coordinates educational initiatives, ensuring our community thrives through knowledge and communication.

Boniphace "Boni" Julius

Arts & Wellness Specialist

Boni has been an integral part of Shine Africa for three years, serving as our Arts and Wellness Specialist. With a passion for playing percussion instruments and singing, Boni brings rhythm and harmony to our community.

Hansi "Hance" Mligo

Flow Manager

For two years, Hance has served as our steadfast Flow Manager, ensuring seamless operations and vibrant energy throughout our community. A passionate singer, Hance infuses our space with harmonious melodies, fostering an atmosphere of unity and rhythm.

Ramadhani "Rama" Mashaka

Operations Manager, Traditional Dance and Fitness Instructor

With three years of dedication, Ramadhani "Rama" Mashaka serves as both Operations Manager and a Traditional Dance and Fitness Instructor at Shine Africa. Through his passion for dance, Rama infuses our programs with energy and authenticity.
Neema Venance

Let Her Shine Coordinator

Neema Venance has dedicated one year to her role as Let Her Shine Coordinator at Shine Africa, where she spearheads initiatives to empower women and girls. With a passion for handcrafting, Neema infuses creativity and skill into her work, uplifting our community with her artisanal touch.

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